Friday, August 07, 2009

Root canal, the saga continues....

So I was supposed to get my permanent crown on my root canal today, but I’ve been having pain in and around that tooth for the last few days, and I expressed my concerns to the dentist. He put me through various “tests” to see where the pain is coming from. This was done by hitting my tooth with a little hammer, making me bite down real hard on a cotton roll, and trying to twist my tooth right out of my head! Yes, all those things hurt!

He decided that he’d better not put the permanent crown on, in case I need to go back to the endodontist, and he finds he needs to go back into the canal. Lovely.

We’re supposed to leave for our vacation in a couple of days. I feel like I have a time bomb inside my mouth. What if it goes off while I’m 500 miles from home? The dentist thinks I’ll be OK to go on vacation, and just see the endo when I come home, but he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic, just in case I need it when we’re on the road. To make matters worse, I came home and googled "root canal problems" and read all kinds of horrible things that can go wrong. I wish I could "un-read" them!


  1. I will be hoping no problems with the tooth while you are gone! Have loads of fun...I am looking forward to your pictures, as usual!!! :)

  2. Gosh! I hope you will be OK. Try not to worry and enjoy your time off! Gosh... it is true- ignorance is bliss.
    and I am way past due myself to be checked out and the longer I wait the harder it is to go
    I will probably expire of septicemia one day....
    I am trying to get myself in the best possible shape first before I go...

  3. Ok, I went back and read it...I can relate to the ghastly after effects. The left side of my face was asleep for 6 hours and Michael said it looked like I'd had a stroke.


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