Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New music, and related discovery

The other day, I heard a new song on the radio that I really liked. Of course, I was not familiar with the artist, and I wasn't able to write it down because I was in the car. But I heard it again tonight, and I got the name. The artists are Rodrigo y Gabriela. So I googled them to see if I could find the song online, and I found a blog that not only has the song, it's on a neat little gadget that I could imbed onto my own blog.

The gadget thing comes from RCRD LBL_
and they have an extensive collection of free music downloads. The only thing is, as I started skimming through their list of artists, I realized that I have never heard of any of them. (I hadn't heard of Rodrigo y Gabriela till a couple of days ago.) But after all, it is a site for new music.

Since I listen to a public radio station that plays new (and sometimes weird) music, some of which I like, I may be able to find other new favorites in the future on RCRD LBL_.

In the meantime, enjoy this song, "Buster Voodoo"

Monday, September 21, 2009

This year's Gourd Tunnel

Compared to last year, the Gourd Tunnel at the arboretum has been a little disappointing.

Nowhere near the number of hanging stuff. Even the leaf coverage seems lacking.

There was this one delightfully spiralled gourd though :)

Be sure to stop by my Flickr page to see some other neat planty stuff that I just uploaded.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Henry Gibson, 1935-2009

Remember him, from Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In? I googled him to find some pictures, and found some of his poems. Those silly poems he recited on Laugh-In, he wrote himself. Here's a few:

Dogs Are Better Than Ants
Dogs are better than ants
Because you don't have to bend so far to pet them
In addition, they are sturdy old muzzlers
Who fetch us our slippers, papers, and twig chunks
Twig chunks
But most of all, they stay out of jelly jars and
Never go squish if you happen to step on them.

The Thumbnail
Did you ever stop to figure
Why the thumbnail is so hard?
Well it hasn't any choice
With all that skin to guard.
It may look fat and pudgy
But it's heart is good and true.
It's prettier than a toenail
And easier to chew.

How I Saved A Baby Rhino from Slippin' In The Quicksand,
Whilst In Search Of My Fountain Pen,
Last Summer Along The Amazon River
With great difficulty.

Rest in peace.

Monday, September 07, 2009

matchbook collection up for grabs

Another casualty of my garage cleaning: my shoebox full of matchbooks that I have saved for about 40 years or so. If I haven't made a wonderful collage with them by now, I'm never going to, lets face it! I took some pictures of a few and put them on Flickr, just to give you a representation of how they look.
I'll send them to anyone in the US who will pay the postage.
I will send them to my good blog-buddy Kat, as soon as I find a good box.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

More painted memories

This is a painting Jerry made in kindergarten, almost 50 years ago. Created by dipping pieces of string into the paint and then flinging them with abandon onto a piece of paper, his mom treasured it and saved it, along with just about every other piece of paper he ever brought home from school.

Several years ago, after Eleanor died, Jerry had the daunting task of going through all those "treasures" and trying to decide what to keep. Most of them he just kind of looked at and tossed, but this one he kept, maybe because he remembered his mom had it framed and hanging in their living room for awhile. Unfortunately, for the last 5 years it has been in our garage getting all "crapified". It's a dusty, musty relic that only a mother can love, and she is gone now.

We are cleaning out our garage this weekend, and, sad to say, the old string painting has got to go. We are lucky to be able to preserve the memory of it digitally. Like the saying goes, it will last longer.

This is a T shirt I painted for my mom when her grandkids were little, and the youngest wasn't even born yet. (My two are on the right). She came across it the other night when she was cleaning out her dresser. I barely remember painting it. It looks like I used 2 different kinds of marker for the black outlines and lettering. One of them, I suspect, is a Sharpie, and has developed a kind of yellowish hazing around the edges. Still cute, though.

Sometimes I wish my boys were still little like that.

Biodegradable, compostable packing peanuts

Last week, Jerry bought a new iPod for himself. It came packed in what looked at first to be your standard styrofoam "peanuts" . Then we read the card:

Jerry immediately took one of the peanuts to the sink and turned on the faucet. Sure enough, the piece promptly disappeared.
I took the rest of them outside to our compost bin, and captured their biodegradation on video.
Too bad the iPod itself was hermetically sealed in one of those annoying plastic "blister packages". Kind of cancels out the environmentally friendly aspect of the peanuts. Oh well....

Caution: politics

I have been ruminating 0n the polarizing political storm brewing over President Obama's Health Care plan that seems to be withering on the vine, and now his plan to speak to the nations's school children about the importance of education. With every passing day, I am becoming more disheartened and kinda weirded out by the increasing bad hype coming from people who think that Obama is evil.

I remember the feeling of hope and optimism I felt last November, and now I feel like those good feelings are being swamped over with a wave of fear, mistrust and hate coming from so many people in my own country. I can't understand it. How can I feel so confident that our president has the country's best interests at heart while others are just as sure he will lead us to ruin? It's scary.

Like many people, I suppose, I seek out voices (or writers) who share my opinions. It makes me feel a little better when I know that I'm not the only one whose head is spinning over all this. Here's a great example.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The fire this time

Far enough away not to be a danger. (and much farther away than last year's wildfire) Close enough to color the sky. I took this picture yesterday. The big billowing cloud is a thermo-cumulus cloud caused by the super-heated air from the fire, rising and then condensing and falling down again. (this according to our TV weatherman) The hazy brown over the hills is the smoke. Today, the brown stuff was more widely distributed. We had fine particles of ash on our cars.