Sunday, September 06, 2009

Caution: politics

I have been ruminating 0n the polarizing political storm brewing over President Obama's Health Care plan that seems to be withering on the vine, and now his plan to speak to the nations's school children about the importance of education. With every passing day, I am becoming more disheartened and kinda weirded out by the increasing bad hype coming from people who think that Obama is evil.

I remember the feeling of hope and optimism I felt last November, and now I feel like those good feelings are being swamped over with a wave of fear, mistrust and hate coming from so many people in my own country. I can't understand it. How can I feel so confident that our president has the country's best interests at heart while others are just as sure he will lead us to ruin? It's scary.

Like many people, I suppose, I seek out voices (or writers) who share my opinions. It makes me feel a little better when I know that I'm not the only one whose head is spinning over all this. Here's a great example.


  1. I WILL listen to the speech to the school children on Tuesday! I must hear what absolutely AWEFUL stuff he will be telling them! Turning them into socialists! Bah-humbug! Good frickin grief...this country has gone beserk! anyone out there that is not listening to the right wing Republicans who have their heads in the sand??? Oh, they say...let's follow Rush Limbaugh, the most stupid person on the earth! Everyone needs to get a grip on reality and stop listening to all the dumb shit. Sorry.
    I am just looking for people to use their own heads, and stop following FOX DUMBASS NEWS!

  2. Keep the faith. It is so hard I know. I am attending a health care rally downtown Wednesday.

    The utter crap that is spread about is disheartening.

    People are fools. Saving them in spite of themselves is a big task. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    I admire you clearing out the clutter... an ongoing task for me! and then to try and do such at Mom's omg ....


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