Monday, September 07, 2009

matchbook collection up for grabs

Another casualty of my garage cleaning: my shoebox full of matchbooks that I have saved for about 40 years or so. If I haven't made a wonderful collage with them by now, I'm never going to, lets face it! I took some pictures of a few and put them on Flickr, just to give you a representation of how they look.
I'll send them to anyone in the US who will pay the postage.
I will send them to my good blog-buddy Kat, as soon as I find a good box.


  1. How generous to give them away to someone! I wish I had a need for them...they are really gorgeous! Man...oh man! I will mention them to a friend of mine!

  2. Hey Cindy, I will take them off your hands... as stated.... postage etcetcetc.... they should be in the hands of a smoker who will appreciate the nostalgia

  3. Kat, I would be glad to send them to you! But you should know that most of them don't have the matches in them anymore. And the ones that still do are way old. What happens when you try to light a 40 year old match? Will it still work? Will it explode? (sorry, I'm paranoid that way)

    Maybe I should test a few before I send them?

  4. I wasn't going to be using them but saving them lol

  5. you should see these bum lighters 'made in China' that I am given free when i buy my smokes at the corner......
    if I go someplace like the aquarium where I have to turn in all my lighters before I can go in..... well, afterwards when I leave :-) I replace them with as many Bic lighters as there are in the contraband box hehehe

    the made in China lighters have actually exploded! and they fall apart before the fluid within is used up or they just refuse to operate anymore anyway!

  6. Oh, I thought at first you actually wanted to use the matches...not that there's anything wrong with that!

    Ok, so I'll send them to you as soon as I can find a good box to send them in. The shoe box is too old and flimsy.


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