Sunday, September 06, 2009

More painted memories

This is a painting Jerry made in kindergarten, almost 50 years ago. Created by dipping pieces of string into the paint and then flinging them with abandon onto a piece of paper, his mom treasured it and saved it, along with just about every other piece of paper he ever brought home from school.

Several years ago, after Eleanor died, Jerry had the daunting task of going through all those "treasures" and trying to decide what to keep. Most of them he just kind of looked at and tossed, but this one he kept, maybe because he remembered his mom had it framed and hanging in their living room for awhile. Unfortunately, for the last 5 years it has been in our garage getting all "crapified". It's a dusty, musty relic that only a mother can love, and she is gone now.

We are cleaning out our garage this weekend, and, sad to say, the old string painting has got to go. We are lucky to be able to preserve the memory of it digitally. Like the saying goes, it will last longer.

This is a T shirt I painted for my mom when her grandkids were little, and the youngest wasn't even born yet. (My two are on the right). She came across it the other night when she was cleaning out her dresser. I barely remember painting it. It looks like I used 2 different kinds of marker for the black outlines and lettering. One of them, I suspect, is a Sharpie, and has developed a kind of yellowish hazing around the edges. Still cute, though.

Sometimes I wish my boys were still little like that.

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  1. This did turn out very cute! What a lucky grandma to have you for a daughter!!! Hey, in regard to your boys having grown up...don't worry too much...pretty soon you will have the most adorable little grandbabies to love! It's happened to me!!! LOL


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