Monday, October 26, 2009

70's nostalgia ladies magazines!!

OK, remember the green saucepan I bought at Goodwill a few weeks ago? Well, that only served to feed a pre-existing but growing desire for 70's era nostalgia. I came of age in the 70's, got married in '79, and sometimes I feel like I've only gone downhill from there.

For about a year, I've thought about finding some old magazines for Fall. Fall never seems to last long enough for me, especially these days when there's already Christmas stuff in the stores, and by the day after Halloween, the Fall merchandise will be all but gone and the Christmas stuff will be absolutely everywhere. I don't think it was this way 35 years ago, and now I am about to find out! I ordered my three favorite ladies magazines from November 1974 and they just arrived today! (and yes, I photographed them on my genuine 70's era kitchen floor!)

And, I haven't opened them yet! Well, actually, I flipped part way through the Good Housekeeping, but stopped myself, because I want to wait until I can relax and savor them. Think of the old recipes they have, the decorating and crafts ideas, and all those old ads! This should be a real treat! I will try to post pictures of whatever seems interesting or inspiring.

Oh, and here's where I got the magazines. Maybe they have some of your old favorites, too!


  1. Oh, how fun is this idea??? Fantastic! I LOVE your kitchin floor!!! You really are a 70's girl! I graduated HS in 74...but did not marry until 1980!

  2. KITCHEN, sorry...(slip of a finger)

  3. Hey, don't get me wrong. I would love to have a nice 21st century ceramic tile floor. Or maybe even a laminate floor. That yellow linoleum came with the house when we bought it 22 years ago, and we still haven't gotten around to replacing it. You should see how it looks where it meets up with the 80's mauve-pink carpet (also came with the house) in the living room. (bleah)


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