Thursday, October 29, 2009

Those 70's ads

Ok, I've been looking through my new-old magazines, and trying to figure out what I am really feeling nostalgic for. I know I long for the energy and creativity I used to have, but these magazines are turning out to be more like a visit to the Twilight Zone than I'd anticipated.

Geez, I forgot how many cigarette ads there used to be in magazines!

Kinda yucky, huh?

Remember these ads, ladies? I sure do. As a young girl, I remember seeing them in my mom's Woman's Day magazines, and wondering exactly what they were selling and how it worked. Or even if it worked. By the time I graduated high school, I was well endowed enough that the ads became irrelevant.

Ok, I don't remember ever seeing a grasshopper ride-on toy for kids. I would have remembered that. Made by the Marx company, according to the ad. I couldn't even find a photo of one of these online. They must not have sold very well.

My childhood dog, YoYo, ate these.

I thought these were pretty.

Oh man, look at that floor! That kitchen needs my green pot, no? I made soup in it tonight, by the way :)


  1. Hi Cindy,
    These posts are interesting! My sis and I were sending each other links to 70's songs, fashions, toys, etc. and going down memory lane not that long ago. I guess getting older just triggers those nostalgic moments. By the way, I love that green pot!

  2. Oh gosh...I HATED those cigarette ads in magazines! Gross is right!!!

    Love that Happy Hopper ride on toy! It looked like it would have been tons of fun!

    My dishes (that I bought at Goodwill last year) are very similar to this pattern of dishes here! I love them!

    I would love to put that green flooring in my whole house...wouldn't that be just amazing and FUN!!!!! What the.......yeah...I would love it!!!


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