Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wet dog season begins.

Forget about holiday baking. The most prevalent aroma that fills our house in winter is the smell of Wet Dog. We got just a taste of that yesterday. Boomer and Marley enjoyed exploring the wet back yard. It had been many months since we had a good rain. As I set out a rubber mat to cover a particularly slippery section of patio, I am extra grateful that Boomie is heading into his second winter since his amputation. At this point, he has essentially gone over triple what the vet predicted for his survival.

Here's to one more rainy season of back yard adventures, muddy feet, and the prevailing smell of wet dogs!

Boomie says hi.

Marley and her ball.

Blurry but cute Marley.

1 comment:

  1. Marly and Boomie look like they were having a blast! Isn't it fantastic how well Boomie has done! I am so happy for you all regarding that. they both look so happy and healthy!


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