Saturday, December 26, 2009

New art! (sort of)

Earlier this month, I bought the new ArtRage 3 upgrade for myself, and then spent a long time procrastinating actually doing anything with it. Well, that's not entirely true. I did open it up at least once a day and scribble and try to figure out how all the new features work. I finally decided I would use the new smooth inking pen to trace over one of Grandpa Harry's ancient drawings.

This is a photo of the original drawing. It probably dates back to the 1920's or 30's. Ever since I first saw it, I've been wanting to trace it so I could color it in (digitally, of course), but it was easier said than done. The original drawing is sketchy and the paper is all dark and discolored. When I tried to trace it in Photoshop, my traced lines were shaky and uneven. But the smoothing effect in ArtRage made my tracing nice and smooth. I traced the whole frame today and painted it with AR3's new digital watercolors.

I have saved a copy of it as a png file, so hopefully sometime I could use it in some digital scrapbooking capacity. I will also make it available for anyone else who wants it (for personal use only). Just let me know, and I will send you the full size.

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  1. WOW! Amazing outcome! It was seriously transformed! Beautiful leaf colors!!!


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