Saturday, January 16, 2010

A few things from the arboretum

Aloe blooms

The textured skin of a caudiciform plant that I had never noticed before.

My computer recently upgraded to Picasa 3. It lets you do a little more tweaking to photos than the older Picasa. So this is a highly tweaked patch of cactus, just for fun!

A little cochineal + a little scaly stuff = some nice texture on a cactus pad.

This beautiful blooming kalanchoe was growing up in the middle of an ugly, gnarled, cochineal-infected patch of cactus.

Some interesting nodules of cactus growth.

Our famous Ombu tree. I actually went to the arboretum today especially to check on it, because it hasn't been pruned in over a year, and now it is at greater risk of blowing over in the storms we are expecting. I was hoping to find that the grounds crew might have trimmed it this week in anticipation of the coming winds, but I was disappointed to see they had not. In fact, this is as close as I came to the Ombu today, because there were many children playing loudly around its mighty roots. You can't see them at all in the picture, because of the jungle around the base of the tree, but trust me, they were in there. It sounded almost as if they were having some kids's birthday party in there.

Some days when I stroll the gardens, I wear my arboretum badge, so if the occasion arises for me to talk to some visitors (or scold their children for picking fruit or harrassing the ducks), I can do so in an official capacity as a docent, and not simply as some nosy lady. But I didn't have my badge today, and so I gave the Ombu area a wide berth, hoping it would be none the worse for being used yet again as an exotic playground, but mostly hoping that it will still be there when the storms are over.


  1. Neat shots...seems you posted them all just for me!!! LOL!

    I know what you mean about badge wearing...many times when I would stop doing what I was doing at work in an official capacity...I would take mine off...just wanting to be free of that "always on duty" feeling.

    I had never heard of an Ombu Tree. I will have to read about it. Looks like a place where children would love to explore, for sure!!!

    It is rainy here today and winds up to 20 mph as well. Has it started at your place yet???

  2. Thanks, Julie. I knew you would appreciate them.

    We still have sunshine this morning, but there are clouds starting to build up. The first storm may arrive by this evening.


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