Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic background art

Every night, I've been watching the Olympics, or at least I have the TV on while I'm doing other stuff. Over time I've become increasingly distracted by and interested in the blue and green graphic murals that surround the ice rink and run alongside all the ski and snowboard runs. I found this video that shows a bit of how the design director, Leo Obstbaum, and his team put the design concepts together. Sadly, he died last August.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

For Valentine's Day

It's been 33 years since Jerry and I have been together. In the beginning, as fun as it was, I didn't think it would amount to more than a "fling". He used to write me lots of letters, and at one point when it seemed like our relationship was about to fizzle, he drew me this picture of his old VW with a sentiment that basically said, "It's been fun. Have a nice life."

As it turns out, I have had a nice life, with Jerry. I don't know what happened to all his other letters, but I kept the little Volkswagen.

33 years of bad storage, stains and wrinkles. (Why yes, the same could be said of me.)

For Valentine's Day, all cleaned up. New digital paint-job. (This is what color his VW was in real life.) Nice nostalgic accessories.

Hope everyone has a great day.