Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So, the corned turkey...

Came out OK, actually. I had so much stuff, with the 4 turkey thighs and all those little potatoes and carrots and, oh yeah, cabbage, I needed 2 crockpots. I tried to fit it all into my larger crockpot, but it was just too full, so I stuck 2 thighs in the smaller crockpot. They cooked a lot faster than all the other stuff crammed into the bigger pot, so by the time the big pot was done, the little pot was kind of overly-done, but only in as much as the meat was extra fall-apart-y, but still tasty. I could have done the whole thing all together in a big roasting pan in the oven, but it was 89 degrees here today!! Not oven weather!!

The carrots were especially good after simmering in that salty, "corny" brine all day.

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  1. Oh...somehow I missed your previous post and have not read it yet...going to next...

    This is interesting recipe! I was wondering what to do today, and I am thawing a whole chicken RIGHT NOW.....


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