Thursday, April 01, 2010

My garden, such as it is

I'm growing vegetables in my front yard. I have a little patch with a few heads of lettuce, some onions, and some beets.

I've actually been eating the lettuce already, mostly just a leaf here and there to put on a sandwich, but I put some in a salad, too.

My oak half-barrels in the back yard have peas and carrots. (along with my basil and jalapeno plant from last year, and a little tomato plant that I hope won't grow too fast before the peas are done.)

All this time, I thought they were sugar snap peas, until the peas started forming, and then I realized they were snow peas. Not that it matters.

I love tendrils.


  1. Everything looks great!!! Lucky you can grow carrots there...they are miserable failures here...teeney little scraggly things in Florida!!!

  2. Julie, how well the carrots do remains to be seen. So far the ones I've thinned out are just skinny little guys barely bigger than a toothpick. (I've been munching on them as I do, though, and they taste "carroty" at least.


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