Friday, May 14, 2010

3 Legs. 2 Years. 1 Good Dog.

He's done it. Boomie's made it 2 whole years. That's 18 months longer than the vet said he'd live when his leg was amputated. This is without chemo. And some dogs don't live this long even with chemo. We have been very, very lucky for him to still be with us, and still walking and smiling and wagging his tail!

His existence seems tenuous at times. His back leg is continuing to get weaker and weaker. And while he may not have had chemo, he still takes medications for pain and inflammation, and supplements for his joints and his immune system. He recently developed an infection and is on antibiotics. The vet has also found some suspicious new "nodules" that may be more cancer.

But we are trying not to worry too much about all that stuff. My plan continues to be keeping Boomer comfortable and loving him every day. Seeing him continue to enjoy his life is like a gift every day.

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  1. Oh boy, Cindy! You have me blubbering now!!! What a BEAUTIFUL digital scrapbook page! It just broke my heart! The love is so intense! He is a gorgeous doggy!


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