Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And on second thought, he decided I wasn't that fat.

So I'm still working with the little first grade boy 3 mornings a week. He's come a long way, but he still has a long way to go. There are times, like today, when he just doesn't want to work. Doesn't want to listen, even. He sat with his hands over his ears rather than listen to the story in his reading book. So I returned him to the classroom and told his teacher that S. was not cooperating today. She turned to the rest of the class and asked the children, "Would anybody else like to read with Mrs. Calisher today?" I was amazed to see almost every hand shoot up. "Mrs. Calisher, would you please choose another child to read with you," she suggested. I picked a little girl.

"You can use S's reading book," she added, which I thought was a twist of the knife, figuratively speaking.

Poor S, no doubt remorseful by now, and most likely at the teacher's prompting, wrote a note of apology and handed it to me while I was reading with his classmate:

deyor meses Kalishr
im vere sore weod chrie egne. frome S....

As much as I was touched by his note (and yes, I could read it in spite of the "kid spelling"),
I found his little drawing of me to be really funny. He drew me first as he saw me, as he thinks of me apparently, then decided maybe I looked too fat, so he trimmed me down. Way down!

In real life, I'm afraid I look more like the fat lady than the stick figure. The face is actually a pretty good likeness, except my teeth look a little better in person.

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  1. Now that is one interesting drawing!!! Good grief!!! :)
    So nice that you volunteer with the kids!


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