Saturday, May 01, 2010

Boomie: Waiting for peas

Here's my boy. Just look at his poor, twisted posture :(
He has a new obsession. Peas. He's sitting there staring at my planter barrels full of snow peas.

This is the object of his desire. It's my fault, though. These things are so loaded with pea pods that every time I went into the yard, I would just pick a couple and eat them right there. Boomer, in typical lab fashion, wanted in on the deal. So I'd give him one. It didn't take long before he was hooked!

So now every time he goes outside, he waits for peas.

Oh, and Marley has developed the same addiction, but she does not sit and wait while staring longingly at the peas. She goes around to the back of the barrels and helps herself. You can see her black butt in this photo as she's doing just that. She has also figured out that there are carrots growing in the barrels, and she tries to help herself to those, too :P

1 comment:

  1. How sweet! Boomer is being such a good boy!!! Knowing me, I'd probably end up giving him every one of the peas!!! (Marley too). Your barrels look great all planted up and bursting with stuff!!!


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