Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Found Art

A cocktail sipping octopus in the onion patch

As I was working in my front yard garden, I tried to ignore the scrap of crumpled paper that seemed to have come from someone's fast food trash, maybe from a passing car, and landed in my onions. But when I was ready to call it quits and go back inside, I knew I couldn't leave trash just sitting there, so I picked it up. That's when I realized it wasn't a wax-paper fast-food wrapper,
but a piece of tracing paper with a drawing on it.

Here is a beguiling she-octopus, apparently in the process of being wined and dined.
There is a name. Is it Pike or Dike? Neither sounds particularly flattering. Thinking she might be some kind of Manga cartoon character, I tried to google various iterations of Octopus Girl and Pike and Dike. All kinds of strange and some rather unsavory images popped up, none of which matched this creature.

Into the scanner she went. I traced her in ArtRage and now she is clean and wrinkle-free. I'm leaving her name off for now, until I can possibly figure out what her name really is. What color should I make her?

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  1. My daughter and I both vote for purple! Neat drawing, but neither of us recognize her charachter from anything. I like her big eyes!


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