Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So close, yet so far away

A favorite song from many years ago. As history repeats itself (well, sort of)
the words burn brightly once again.

I am closer to believing
Than I ever was before
On the crest of this elation
Must I crash upon the shore
And with the driftwood of acquaintance
Light the fire to love once more
I am wind blown...I am times.

To be closer to believing
To be just a breath away
On the death of inspiration
I would buy back yesterday
But there's no crueller illusion
There's no sharper coin to pay
As I reach out... It slips away

From the opium of custom
to the ledges of extremes
Don't believe it till you've held it
Life is seldom what it seems
But lay your heart upon the table
And in the shuffling of dreams
Remember who on earth you are

I need me
You need you
We want us

But of course you know I love you
Or what else am I here for
Only you not face to face
But side by side for evermore
And I need to be here with you
For without you what am I
Just another fool out searching
For some heaven in the sky
Take me closer to believing
Take me forward lead me on
Through collision and confusion
While there's life beneath the sun
You are the reason I continue
So near for so long
So close yet so far away

I need me
You need you
We want us to live forever
Don't let the curtain fall
Measure after measure
Of writing on the wall
That burns so brightly
It blinds us all

I need me
You need you
We want us to be together
On Sundays in the rain
Closer than forever
Against or with the grain
To ride the storms of love again

So be closer to believing
Though your world is torn apart
For a moment changes all things
And to end is but to start
And if your journey's unrewarded
May your God lift up your heart
You are windblown
But you are mine

Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Closer to Believing/Works Vol.1

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A little "rant"

This is the actual text of an ad we got in the mail today celebrating the long-awaited completion of the remodeling of our local supermarket. I was annoyed by their excessive use of quotation marks. Check it out:

Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Stater Bros. Supermarkets is pleased to announce the completion of the $Million$ Dollar remodel of YOUR "Blue Ribbon" Stater Bros. Supermarket located [...] in the beautiful community of Fullerton. If you haven't seen us lately, give us a visit and see what's New and Exciting at "YOUR" Stater Bros. Supermarket.

YOUR Stater Bros. Supermarket now features the following "New" and "Expanded" Full Service Departments.

• Full Service Meat Department with famous Stater Bros. Butchers behind the counter offering a selection of U.S.D. A. Prime Beef (upon request).

• Full Service "Fresh" Seafood Department where our trained Seafood Professionals can assist you in selecting a wide variety of Restaurant Quality Seafood that is U.S.D.C. Lot Inspected for freshness and quality.

• Full Service "Hot" Service Deli offering a complete selection of salads, a fresh salad bar and hot soup selections, premium deli meats, a wide variety of domestic and imported cheeses and olives, party trays, quick and easy hot lunches and dinners, sandwiches-to-go, and our Famous Golden Fried Chicken.

• Full Service "Hot" Bakery where we offer dozens of exclusive, handcrafted, award winning desserts, our Classic Collections Gourmet Pies and custom-made decorated cakes for all occasions including picture cakes. We also feature a full line of Freshly Baked La Brea fine Artisan breads and rolls!

• "Garden Fresh" Produce Department was expanded and now features more than 900 choices of Fruits, Vegetables, Fresh Packaged Salads and Organic Products.

• Newly expanded Fresh "Floral Department" now offers a bigger and better selection of "freshly-cut" flower bouquets, plants, silk arrangements plus glass vase decor, candles, candle holders, beautiful ceramics and unique accessories for your home or to give as gifts.

• Stater Bros. Super Rx Pharmacy has been relocated to the front of the store and expanded to better serve our "Valued" customers.

Due to our concern for the Environment we have made major investments in new "Energy Saving" features such as; upgraded roofing to improve air-conditioning efficiency as well as interior lighting controls, new refrigeration controls, air handlers that adjust speed based upon temperature requirements, occupancy sensors, energy saving lamps plus new energy efficient Deli, Beverage and Freezer cases, all of which will lead to a 20% reduction in energy use.

The entire Stater Bros. "Family" of Employees is especially proud to have completed this major remodel, to serve "You" our "Valued" customer and we promise to give you the Best Service ...the Best Quality at the Best Prices each and every time you shop...

So what's better? Fresh, or "Fresh"?

Exactly how hot is "hot"?

Am I truly a valued customer, or just "valued"? Hmm?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More beautiful dead roses

Now you see them

Caught a few of my cacti blooming today.

Coming soon:

Home grown :)

This handfull guaranteed worm*-free.

Mu shu Pork

This recipe (more or less).