Saturday, July 24, 2010

New plant "pets"

I bought seven little cuties at the cactus and succulent sale.

Sempervivum tectorum, because it was purpley.

No name on this one. I thought I was buying a cactus just like a pretty one I saw in one lady's wagon. Hers also had no name. The flowers on mine turned out to be different. Oh well, it's still cute.

Hawarthia-something. Maybe H. cooperi-something. I have developed a liking for these plants because of their fleshy, veiny, transluscent leaves. I found out after I brought this little guy home that it is a recent transplant with only very tiny new roots forming. This after I accidently picked it right out of the gravel!

Echeveria setosa. 'Cause it's fuzzy.

Echeveria nodulosum. Or nodulosa. Whatever. If it lives, it should be quite attractive when it gets bigger.

This one had no name tag. The vendor said Gasteria. I searched online through many Gasteria cousins, and I think this is G. bicolor ssp liliputana (and does anyone else think Gasteria sounds like some sort of stomach ailment?)

This is Plectranthus socatrana. The leaves have a funny smell. Also they're fuzzy.

And they have attractively prominent veins on the undersides.


  1. What a great bunch of succulents you got! Makes me want to go out shopping but alas I'm stuck in the CHAIR! I think that echeveria is actually Echeveria nodulosa cordurot. They are beautiful and get the most amazing blooms. I can't identify the Hawarthia. We will be able to see better as it grows. Great looking gasteria. I love the fuzzies! Super shopping girl!

  2. I have that same Gasteria! I was hoping to find the name one day...maybe you have hit upon it.

    Love the Plectranthus socatrana!!! That is a stunning plant and will be so pretty when larger!!!

    I am so jealous that you had a big party at Fullerton, and I wasn't there!!! :)


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