Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Remember Pike?

She was the cute little octopus drawing that I found in my yard a few months ago. I finally colored her in, gave her skin a little pattern overlay, and put her back in the water, albeit a swimming pool, not the ocean. (Pool background texture by Darren Hester.)

It wasn't until after I'd put considerable time into this that I realized I had colored in the wrong drawing. I had another version that was in a bigger size, and the ink outline looked smoother. But this is the one I did, and I'm going to be satisfied with it, at least for now.

And in the meantime, doesn't Miss Pike look like she's in her element now? Wouldn't you just love to join her in the pool? Don't forget to bring her something to eat, though. I think she's hungry.


  1. Another beauty! She looks like a party girl!

  2. I thought you had had her painted on the bottom of your own pool, girl!!! She is so cool looking!!! Yes, I would love to jump in and take a swim with her!!!


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