Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chalk drawing in the style of Australian Aboriginal Art

At the school where I volunteer, there's an art program which consists of traveling teachers who take their lessons to every school in the district. Unfortunately, they can't always go to every classroom at every school. And while the art teacher visited Mrs. W's class last year, she is not able to this year.

But she has been gracious in sharing her lessons with me, so I can do them with Mrs. W's class.

This is the next lesson in her series. They are done in a sort of Australian Aboriginal style, including an "X-ray" view and lots of repeating patterns.

I have collected a bunch of simple line drawings of Australian animals for the kids to use as guides. This looks like such a fun project, I decided to make a lizard one just for myself in ArtRage, but it still looks like chalk, don't you think? I even included a couple of mistakes, where I goofed up on the alternating pattern of purple and orange triangles in the frame. I wonder if the kids would notice?

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  1. This is really neat! It does look like chalk but only on the edge parts to me. I would say you could have a very observant kid who might notice your edge, but just tell them that it is called a regular/irregular pattern, and it is done just to keep people on their toes! LOLOL.


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