Monday, September 27, 2010

Not just "hot"...

"Death Valley hot!"

I pulled these from the page. DV may get hotter later, but we've already gone 5 degrees over what they predicted for Fullerton, and the hottest part of the day is still to come.

I'll try to update this in a few hours.

UPDATES: 1:30pm DV: 112, Fullerton: 111
3:09pm DV:114, Fullerton: 109 (I guess we peaked here.)


  1. Dang ok maybe keep your newbies in a very shady place. Wow that's hot! Hey I just realized that you are not following me?!

  2. I do subscribe to your blog through Google Reader. I have only just recently started the "following" some blogs, but honestly, I'm not completely sure I know what the difference is. But I will put you on my follow list now...

  3. Yeah! How funny! I wonder what the difference is? I always just click follow. I'm about to do a new post and I think I will do a post about our fun exchange!

  4. I must sound like a wimp- complaining about temps in the 90's

    I am a wimp

  5. Pumpkins!

    I have a 'pumpkin' to send you .... snail mail... on the way .... I'll put it out today

    no procrastinating kat--- just do it :-)

    btw kat- you must be doing better- sounds like it


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