Friday, October 01, 2010

An unexpected tomato plant

Way back in June, we had some plumbing problems. Jerry opened the drainage cleanout under the kitchen sink, and a little gush of water and yucky kitchen scraps came out. He fixed whatever it was (and it turned out to be the washing machine drainage, not the kitchen,) but the point of my story is that way back in June, a tomato seed from the drain planted itself under my kitchen window.

It was July when I noticed it there, just a few inches tall. This was not a good place to grow a tomato plant, under a big overhang on a north-facing wall. I pulled it out and put it, with its single skinny root, in a cup of water, fully expecting it to die right away. To my amazement, it not only lived, but quickly developed a big root system in the cup. I knew I needed to get it into some soil, but feared the transplant shock might kill it, so I tried putting it in a little pot with really soggy soil, so it might think it was still in the cup of water.

It continued to grow amazingly well, and I eventually transplanted it into one of my planter barrels, where it has continued to amaze me.

It's in a tomato cage, but it hardly needs it. I have never seen a tomato plant with such straight, sturdy stems. As it got bigger and bigger, I was wondering if it would bear fruit. Maybe it was a supermarket tomato, some kind of hybrid that doesn't reproduce well from seed. The flowers looked a little different, too. I was prepared to be disappointed to find they were sterile.

Not sterile. :)

It has a bunch of these suckers growing on it now. I think they're Roma.


  1. What a "can-do" little seed that was!!! I am so happy you will get fruits off..and I am betting a lot of them too!!! How cool.

  2. That is so great! Take some pictures when they get ripe so we can see! Great job!

  3. very cool

    The Little Tomato That Could

    I can just imagine- a little children's story of it with your illustrations "-)


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