Monday, October 18, 2010

The weeds are always the first to grow

Our drizzly weather this past week has encouraged all manner of plant life to sprout from that which I jokingly refer to as my lawn.


  1. LOL! The lawn is my husbands job. If I had my way I would rip out my front and back yard and plant a succulent rock garden!

  2. are you weeding too??

    I hope you have the luxury of just letting them be .... I however cannot..... as I am bring overrun... seriously so... I don't want to eliminate all weeds, oh my goodness no, so useful they are :-)
    but the ones I am contending with are another story entirely

  3. Kat, I will selectively pull out just certain weeds that are especially prolific, or prickly, but only when I feel like it, and it usually isn't worth the bother. Honestly, if I pulled out all the weeds, there would be nothing left but dirt.


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