Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter blahs

This picture, taken from my backyard this afternoon, says the 1000 words I can't coherently put together about how I feel lately.


  1. Whhhhaat? I am sending you an e-mail right now!

  2. oh my! that is eloquent! feel best soonest!
    A new year is around the corner!

  3. Well, I'm feeling a little better as this Christmas season fades quickly into history, and the routines of everyday life keep me busy. Better luck next year.

  4. I know what you feel like sometimes. I have seasonal depression. With the weather being cold and gray. We have a lot of fog for weeks in a row. It is dreary. I try to look at pictures that I took in the summer and think of the spring coming and how fun that will be. Just think the days are starting to get longer and soon your bugs will be coming out to play!


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