Monday, January 10, 2011


Sunny Parking Lot
Part of my lunch date with Jerry today included a trip to the tire store. This included a bit of wait time till they could look at my tire, and then replace what turned out to be a broken valve stem. I sat in the sun and it felt so nice, (until I'd had enough and retreated to the shade).

Reflection in my glasses
Here you can see the same palm tree reflected in my glasses.


  1. Oh gosh...I am over here also looking around for tires! Costco has a sale, buy 3 Michelins, and get the fourth will probably go with that...but I HATE only problem...hate the size, the crowds, etc...I am struggling with using them! My Mom is buying me 4 new tires for Christmas! SWEET!

    How did you manage to get that same palm tree reflected in your glasses??? Cute!

  2. The first picture was taken with the camera pointing towards the tire place. For the second shot, I was in the same position, I just turned the camera around. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of my hands holding the camera. You can also see Jerry standing there.

  3. Awesome picture Cindy! Very koo as we say in northern CA. LOL

    Great present for Xmas Julie got. That is a huge gift. Lucky girl!


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