Sunday, January 23, 2011

A surprise with a mystery

Yesterday I cleaned out a high kitchen cabinet that hadn't been cleaned out in years. It's up over my head and most of what's up there is out of my reach. But I knew there was something sticky up there, and yesterday was the day I finally got up on the big step stool to see for myself.

It turned out to be a bottle of wine that had been laying on its side, leaking slowly for some period of years.

As I removed everything so I could wipe the bottom of the cabinet, I discovered an old box of fruit snacks wedged up in the corner. This is little kid food, and my sons are in their 20's now, so that makes these things...way old!

front of package

back of package

the snacks
We opened up a pouch and looked at the dinosaur shaped fruit snacks. They were all hard, and even though the picture on the package shows them in bright fruity colors, now they were all brown. Well, not all. There was one that was bright red. But it was also not a dinosaur shape like the other pieces.

is this corn?
This doesn't look like a dinosaur shape to me. It looks like an ear of corn. Why would there be an ear of corn in a package of dinosaur fruit snacks? I suppose I'll never know.


  1. Maybe some of the dinos ate corn??? LOL. What a crazy find!!! I, too, am cleaning out closets, entertainment center and secretary. Am sending alot to the Goodwill, or various thrift stores I might visit! Seems I am keeping running bags in the trunk of my car...never ending!!!

  2. That is so weird. I remember getting these fruit snacks for the kids. Red funny! Very bizarre!

  3. I saw a very scary piece on 60 Minutes about a drug manufacturing plant of a major company that had problems on the line and commonly mixed up both doses and types of pills ....

    very scary

    first covered up when head of quality control reported it to the higher up



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