Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wistful desk nostalgia

Me and my desk, 1979
Look at us. How young we were, my desk and I. This was in 1979, not too long after Jerry and I got our first apartment. We weren't even married yet.

Somewhere deep in the clutter of my present-day life there are pictures of this desk when I first bought it second-hand for $20.00 and re-finished it and made it my own. I will post the pictures when or if I find them. But here is my beautiful, beloved desk in its prime, and me in mine. Sadly, neither of us has aged gracefully.

Back in '79, I actually worked at my desk. I had art supplies in there that I actually used. When we moved from the apartment into our first house, we still had more bedrooms than people to sleep in them. So I still had a room for my desk, but after a few years, working full time and later having a baby meant I didn't use my desk except as a magnificent storage cabinet for my art supplies.

When we moved again, to were we still live today, we had less space, and the desk, along with my art supplies, was relegated to the garage, and from there it began to deteriorate.

Relegated to the garage :(
This is my desk today.


things and stuff

peely old formica

Dusty old formica top
The black formica top, which weighs a ton but opens to store stuff underneath, is filthy. It looks like an old chalkboard.

Hope and fond memories.  And dust.
Just by coincidence, Illustration Friday's theme this week is dusty. So I traced my fingers through the layer of dust and schmutz to make a simple, happy drawing.


  1. What a great desk. I reminds me of the story THE GIVING TREE, by Shel Silverstein. It keeps on giving, with love, as it ages! Beautiful.

  2. Speaking of aging gracefully, I too, wonder what happened to my youth, and why do I look the way I do now, in comparison to younger has made my want to watch the movie called DEATH BECOMES HER. I have a copy being sent to my library in a day or you remember it? They drank a potion to return to youth, but then it had terrible side effects. Oh well, guess we will have to just age as gracefully as we can, eh??? :)

  3. I blame menopause. I've aged more in the last 7 years than I did in the preceding 47.

  4. what a history .... I hope you keep it always .... your writing and sentiments and thoughts charmed me


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