Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm doing OK

Thank you Julie, Candy, and Kat(by phone) for your kind words. I think I'm just about cried out now, although I still reserve the right to become weepy without notice for a while.

Boomie had another grand mal seizure early Saturday morning, and soon after that, we started him on another medication which left him unable to walk or even to sit up. And he was still having little seizures every few minutes. For a while, I wondered if the side effects might diminish after a few days, leaving him a little more functional. But how long might that take, and how long until the next big seizure broke through? By Saturday night, I knew that Boomie was not going to get better. My family didn't agree right away, but on Sunday I told them to really look at him. I called the vet's office and made the appointment to bring Boomie in on Monday.

I didn't give him his meds that morning. I was willing to risk another big seizure for the chance to have him a little more "alive" before we said goodbye. But even without the drugs, (and he didn't have another seizure,) I knew he was ready. And I was too. But as the doctor injected the euthanasia drugs, and I sat holding his head and petting him, I wasn't prepared for how fast he would slip away.

In spite of my grief, I feel relief that Boomie is no longer suffering, and he had only a few really bad days at the end. He had a good life up until then, beating the odds for cancer survival, and even growing old, as a beloved pet should. And for that, I feel grateful, even satisfied. I could not have asked for anything more from him.

I have been going through all my pictures of Boomie, and will probably post some soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing more of what happened with us, Cindy. I really didn't think he would have much longer either, with the grand mals, but it is so hard to let your good pal, and family member go. He had the best life and care any doggy could ever ask for!!! The pic of you two in the past post is so beautiful. Did Jerry take it???

  2. We will miss you too, Boomie!!!
    xoxo- Julie and Doozey

  3. Julie, I took that picture myself. I just aimed my point and shoot camera and hoped for the best. The good thing is I could see how each shot came out on the display screen, (and most of them were awful with my face all smooshy and wrinkly and gross so close up) and I just kept at it till I got one I was satisfied with (after I turned it into B/W and photoshopped out some of my facial grossness.)

  4. Well the picture is wonderful Cindy and we would have understood your crying face. It sounds like the right thing to do for your wonderful pet. It is such a hard thing. I have had to do this twice now and both times it was very fast. This I found soothing that they did not suffer. They were looking at my face and I was saying how much I loved them and what a good dog they were. I share your grief and hope that you know your sweet Boomie is now romping healthy in your dreams!


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