Friday, February 18, 2011

Weathering storms of one kind and another

It's raining tonight. We are cozy in the house. We had good homemade soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. There was soft light, and there was music (at least until Jerry turned on the TV, anyway). But overall, a feeling of calm amid the storm. The dogs are snoozing comfortably. Marley is on the love-seat. Boomie is sprawled across his memory-foam bed, finally relaxed now that his storm has passed. The one in his brain.

Boomie has been having seizures. He's had 3 grand mal seizures. The first one was last Tuesday. Then another two days later. We got him on medication, and for a week we saw only little "spells". Lots of them, but they would come and go in just a few seconds. His head would wobble, or he would fall down, but he would pop right back up like nothing happened.

Slowly, over the last few days, the spells seemed to come fewer and farther apart. Was the medication working? Part of me hoped it was, while the other part of me imagined Boomer's brain like an earthquake fault. Maybe those little tremors were helping to take the pressure off of the straining tectonic plates. Maybe without them, the pressure would continue to build until another "big one" hit. And then it did, today.

A powerful storm. A brain quake of a dangerous magnitude. He shook violently. He frothed at the mouth. Every muscle clenched and strained. When it was over, he was confused, almost frantic. He tried to run, but his legs didn't work. He wanted me to hold him, but he couldn't sit still.

It took over an hour, maybe two, until the aftermath of Boomie's storm had fully passed. Then, he was ready to gobble down his supper. I took him out in the rain to do his business, holding him by his harness with one hand and holding the umbrella with the other. We made it back inside before the hard rain started.

Inside, all is calm for now. Boomie is at ease. Tomorrow we will try adding a different medication. It might buy us a little time. I'm grateful that Boomie doesn't know what "time" means. He only knows "now". Now he is comfy and warm with his family on a rainy night.


  1. I am so sorry, Cindy. I am sad. Sad for Boomie, but more sad for you guys...what a sweet angel dog he has been. God bless him!!! I will pray he has good success with the new seizure meds, for comfort's sake. You will be on my mind until further updates!

  2. Lots of hugs and kisses to Boomie!

  3. Oh honey I am so sad for you. It does not sound very good! My love to you and your family. I saw your last post and it looks like your sweet Boomie is gone! Sweet puppy had your love!


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