Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boomer digital scrapbook pages

B for Boomer

my sweet boy
The text reads:
You were so happy to meet me, it was almost like you recognized me. Whatever came before was over. Your past life was a mystery that would never be solved. But that didn’t matter to you, who always lived in the present.

All you wanted was to be near me. Wherever I was. And you were always happy. Tail up, smiling, running around, jumping for joy. Even when you could no longer
run and jump, somehow you could still move faster than me! All you needed was love, and it kept you going for a long time. And you gave so much love to me. Even though you’re gone, the love will always remain.

chin rester

There are still a couple more of these pages in me. I'll get to them soon.

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  1. These pages are beautiful, Cindy. Boomie was beautiful. Your love for each other was too.


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