Saturday, March 12, 2011

Boomer's memorial jar

When Boomie died, I didn't want to keep his cremated remains. I had an idea to take a picture of him and use his collar as a frame, and hang it in my bathroom, because he always waited outside the door for me whenever I was in the bathroom. And on his last morning, I took a picture of him laying outside my bathroom. But it was his last day, and it was a very bad, sad picture, because my Boomie was dying. I considered using a picture of him from another time and place, and I continued to try to figure out how to frame both the picture and his collar together, and I wasn't really coming up with anything I really liked.

Then I gathered the fluff of his hair from the last few brushings, and found they still smelled like him. I decided I would keep the hair, and I needed something special to keep it in. I chose the jar below because I could also display photos on each side.

Boomer's jar liner1

Boomer's jar liner2
I measured carefully to make the scrapbook inserts and chose 4 pictures I liked.

I also made a little piece for the bottom.

Boomer's memorial jar

Boomer's memorial jar

I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

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  1. That is simply amazing Cindy. What a wonderful memorial for him. You did a great job.


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