Sunday, April 24, 2011

Couldn't wait to share

This was the view from our front porch this morning.  Wet and soggy and gray.

How about THIS for a change of scenery?  I think it was somewhere around Ramona.   I made Jerry pull over so I could take a picture.

Wild succulent!
I was excited to see these succulents growing right out of the embankment, just inches from the road.  It was a winding road with no shoulder, and I was going nuts looking for a turnout that was close to where some of these were growing.   Finally I found these.  They were HUGE, maybe the size of a car hubcap.   Dudlleyas, I think.  There were other kinds that had narrower leaves, but we didn't find a good place to stop and see them.

Anyway, now we are at our little Casita in Borrego Springs.  We've uncorked the wine, fired up the BBQ (and the Wi-Fi) and we're ready for a good time!


  1. How long will you get to stay??? That succulent is AMAZING!!! Get that for me and send it, will ya??? LOLOL! The field of flowers...gorgeous! The wine and BBQ sound great...David and I will be right over.....
    Ha. I wish. Have a ton of fun!

  2. We will be here until Wednesday, going between the desert and Julian. That plant was up about 10-20 feet, and behind a fence!

  3. Great shot for being that far away and behind a fence. What a great succulent! Awesome shots!


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