Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 11, favorite TV shows

I don't watch too much TV. There's not much on that I like nowadays. And besides, we don't have cable, or satellite, or anything else that requires some kind of added hardware and a monthly fee.

I'm not going to write about favorite shows from my childhood, or other shows that are no longer on the air. Just what I'm watching currently.

Mike and Molly. Cute, clever, grown-up comedy without being too vulgar.

Hawaii Five-O. I started watching this because it was on after Mike and Molly, and decided I liked it, especially the chemistry between McGarrett and Danno.

Big Bang Theory. I have been enjoying this show for the past few years, but I can see myself growing tired of it soon, as I often do with long-running sitcoms where the characters become stale and overdone.

Bob's Burgers. This is a new animated comedy on Fox. It has a fair amount of "potty" humor, but it's something funny to watch on a Sunday night.

Other than the above things, I like to watch Good Morning America in the morning sometimes, and my local news in the afternoon. Michael rolls his eyes and groans at this, but I watch them primarily for the anchor people, who I just get attached to somehow, and like to have them in my living room. I don't watch either of those news shows all the way through, because they tend to repeat themselves and/or have a lot of stories that I'm not really interested in.

I like to watch PBS shows like Nature and Nova when I can, but our local PBS stations have changed their programming and I'm not finding my favorites there like I used to.

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  1. Yes, PBS can be so annoying, the way they fundraise. I am about to blog on my fav shows. Big Bang Theory is so hilarious!!!


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