Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 14, a picture I love

This is my favorite photo of my father in law, Art, from 1986. He's holding my son, Michael. I'm not really wild about the bewildered expression on my baby, but this is the best picture ever of Jerry's dad in his later years. Love his smile. I'm pretty sure it's Jerry's favorite, too. I also like the way Art's weathered hand is gently holding Michael's head. Art died in 1989.


  1. WOW! I was just sure that the baby was you! Michael looks just like you! I always find it so amazing how those genes are able to make another person so amazingly similar to the parents! Your Dad-in-law did have a great smile. He looked like such a nice man! I like that painting in the background as well!!! :)

  2. Julie, you are so perceptive! This wasn't even a very good picture of my baby Michael, but when he was little everybody did say he looked like me.

    Art was a hard working and generous man, but he was quite ornery and irascible in the time I knew him, (basically a grouchy old fart) so we treasure this glimpse of warmth and delight he displayed while bonding with his infant grandson.

    That picture in the background has been in my blog before. Its a chalk painting I did many years ago of Zabriskie Point in Death Valley. The painting is still in my living room.


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