Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 16, My dream house

My Dream house

Would be in an area where we could walk to the market, and to a couple of little restaurants. On a quiet street.

It would be oriented to take advantage of the breeze. So that if you open two windows on opposite sides of the house, the breeze flows through the house. We had this at our first house, and just took it for granted. In our current house, the winds blow west to east, and all the windows are facing north and south. You can literally have open every window in the house, and there is no airflow! Makes our long hot summers tough, especially at night.

It would have warm earth tones. Wood and tile floors with area rugs. No more wall to wall carpet.

Plenty of wall space for art and photos.

Lots of kitchen cabinets with well made drawers that slide easily.

A pop out greenhouse window over the kitchen sink.

Plenty of linen storage

My own playroom, with a big art desk (not my old one. A new, better one) and big monitor for my digital art.

And space, maybe in that same room, for a couple of aquariums and terrariums. And bug houses. I promise not to let it get stinky in there.

My bathroom will have all those safety grab-handles in the tub and shower, because let’s face it, I’m getting old and I need to be careful getting in and out of the tub. And while I’m at it, how about a couple of whirlpool jets in my tub?

There will be easy access from kitchen to some kind of outside barbecue and eating area. In other words, a nice patio.

Also in the back yard, of which half of it will not be a stupid, useless hill like what we have now, there will be an avocado tree, a fig tree, and an orange tree. And I will have a large, raised bed for growing vegetables. It will have a fence around it to keep the dog(s) out. And drip irrigation.

In the garage, there will be lots of efficient storage for Jerry’s tools and stuff, AND room to park our cars. Or at least one car. No, both cars. It’s only a dream, anyway.


  1. and I will come live with you because that is one heck of a dream house that I would want as well!

  2. Love all these ideas!!! You are giving me some! I am holding off on this post, because I have been making homemade paper all day and decided to post about it, and catch up tomorrow! I sure like your idea about being close enough to walk to the market and restaurants!!! The art room would be heavenly...I would want big windows in there to see outside too...and a real feeling of space...for dreaming and observing.
    Your dream house sounds like one I would like a copy of, and live next door so we could all go to dinner at the little restaurant together!!! :) Oh, and hopefully your dream house would still be in California!!!


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