Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 20, nicknames

I've had a few over the years.  Probably the silliest was given to me by my dad when I was very young:
Cindy Mae Klunk. 

In high school, we needed to have Spanish names to use in Spanish class.  Apparently there was no translation for Cindy, so I picked Clara.  I took 4 years of Spanish, and many of my classmates thought Clara was my real name.

My current nickname is Bug Lady, of course!  Maybe it's more of a title than a nickname.  At the arboretum, I am introduced as "Cindy, our Bug Lady".  But I'll take it!


  1. Clara...I like that...impressive 4 years of spanish...WOW! I took one year of french in HS, and was IRENE...pronounced EAR-REN. I loved that!

  2. I took 3 years of spanish and then went to Spain. Couldn't understand anything! Haha


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