Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 25, a favorite memory

In 1977, my Granny had her 80th birthday.  This was a number befitting of a special celebration, and we did something we had never done before (or since). All of Granny's children and grandchildren accompanied her on an airplane flight from LA to San Diego, just for dinner.  Apart from the feeling of being "jet-setters", (imagine the pretentiousness of flying a mere hundred miles, and coming back the same evening!), it was great fun just being with my cousins and with Granny.   I was able to find a few snapshots of the event.

Meeting at the airport.  From left, my uncle Mo, Granny, Dad

She was so excited!  For a while there, she thought we were all flying to Switzerland!

From left, Lisa, Susi, Kathi

We used to be very close back when I was a kid, but by 1977 I was already in college, and Granny was just beginning to show some early signs of Alzheimer's (though we didn't realize it at the time), but as time went on, all of us cousins grew up and started doing our own thing, and the family get-togethers came fewer and farther apart.


  1. What a neat way to celebrate her birthday!!! Looks like everyone was so excited and happy!!! I was thinking about how I never speak to some of my cousins who live up north...sadly.

  2. What a wonderful memory! The photos of wonderful of your Granny and other family members. What a great idea for her!


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