Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 27, pets

Our first dog didn't last long.  I was 8 or 10.  I just remember one day we had this puppy.  He was little and black.  We called him Moochie.  My mom didn't like him.  I was never sure why.  We had him for a few weeks, maybe.  Then one day he was gone.  I was never sure why.  But I've never forgotten him.

We had better luck with YoYo.  She was a poodle-mix that we got from one of my school friends when I was around 12.  She was a good little dog.  Better trained than I was, she never ran through the living room.  Her worst fault was not really her fault at all.  She had wild, thick hair that would get matted if it got too long.  But my dad bought an electric clipper and would disappear with YoYo into the garage, and 2 hours later, she would emerge looking like a little sheared lamb.

Our first dog when we got married was Jonah, a black lab.  He was my first baby. 1980-1991

My sister found Kelly as a stray, and we ended up keeping her.  She had epilepsy.  Grand mal seizures every few weeks. 1982-1992

Maggie, 1994-2004

Boomie, adopted 2002-2011

Marley, 2000 (adopted 2005)-

I've had birds over the years, but not since before we had kids.

 Lizards.  We were heavy into Bearded Dragons for awhile.  Our first, last, and oldest, Spike, died several years ago.

I could go on with the frogs and bugs, but man, there have been so many frogs and bugs.  Let's just leave it at that.


  1. Well, this made me think back about all of the animals we had growing up...I wish I still had pictures...well, maybe I do at Moms house. This is sure a great pic of Boomie! I saw a dog that looked just like him yesterday as I was getting home from work...had his head out the window, and gorgeous!

  2. Me too, same as Julie! I haven't had as many dogs as you though. Too bad about that little black pup. He was cute


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