Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 30, a picture

Not one, but two:

I took this photo yesterday.  I love the way roses glow in the light of early evening.  This was a "miniature" rose bush that I bought years ago, and now it's chest high.  The flowers grow in bouquets.

Children's Earth Day chalk art
At school the other week, we did chalk drawings for Earth Day. This one was my favorite.

These are the kinds of little things that brighten my day. I don't always have the chance to take pictures of them, but I try to notice them and appreciate them every chance I get.


  1. Love the Earth Day!

    (the roses do glow!)

  2. Your roses coming like that in a bouquet are beautiful. And what a pretty earth day drawing!

  3. My new rose is a miniature! I love it. Your plant here makes the most incredible bouquets! I want one like that!!! Oops, I'm all jealous again!!! Hehehehe...seriously though...I am becoming more and more into miniature roses!!!

  4. I had to come back and visit this beautiful rose picture. Such a wonderful plant!


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