Monday, April 04, 2011

Day 4. My parents

I know that they (well, my mom) do not appreciate "having stuff about them posted on the internet". So I’m not going to say much. Just a few pictures.

Here they are, on their wedding day in 1954. Just a couple of kids, really.

This is a favorite photo I took back in the 70’s.

They have been married almost 57 years. This picture is about 9 years old, but I like it better than any of the more recent ones I have.

I love them. I had a good childhood. (Hell, I’m still having a good childhood.)


  1. What a beautiful couple!


  2. Your parents make such a good looking couple...I think it is the love shining through!!!I know what you mean about having a great childhood, and it still continuing on! Yup...sure do!!! Nice post!!!


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