Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Day 5, My siblings

I am the oldest of three girls. I was born in 1956, Donna was born in '58, and Lisa in '62.

Here we are as little girls, I think around 1965. I am on the left, then Donna, then Lisa.

A holiday photo from '09, with my parents.
We are in reverse order here. Notice I have the same hair-do.
As cute as I know I am, (ha ha) I just don't photograph well. That's why I don't post pictures of myself very often. I feel like I look way older and dumpier than my sisters. Probably because I'm heavier, and I don't wear makeup. Anyway....

Donna has been married for almost 24 years and has two sons. She is a bookkeeper, and started running half-marathons last year.

Lisa is a single mom of one daughter, and is a Director of Technology Integration.

Both my sisters live in the same town as my parents, about 40 miles away from me. I don't think there's any bad feelings between us, but still I don't really talk to them very often.




    I am not shouting I just forgot I was in uppercase ....

    maybe I should shout as I am East Coast and you are West Coast....

    and anyway, isn't a 'shout out' another way of saying hello?

    (my big sis is always getting on my case about this which is why I am so 'sensitive' or 'aware' of it lol
    just one more thing to correct me about :->)


  2. Yes, a shout out is saying hello. You can shout all you want. I don't know if my sisters will even read this.

    Also, I am the loudest of the three of us, so they are used to shouting.


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