Saturday, May 14, 2011

An elegant string of words

These are not my words. My son, Michael, wrote this. Most of what he writes has so many big words and abstract metaphors, they are hard for me to read. But I liked this well enough to steal it.

Once in a while a tiny delicate bubble of clarity finds its way the surface of an otherwise tumultuous broth and quivers tenuously for a moment before screaming out of existence. Once in an even greater while, a few bubbles rise to the surface at the same time, mingling with each other. For the tiniest moment while they're all dancing, you can see the entire world and all its moving parts.


  1. Whoa! He is an awesome this what he plans to do?...I would love to read more of his stuff...does he have a blog???

  2. He fancies himself an aspiring writer. He's been working on a novel for a long time. It's a fantasy story, and (think of Lord of the Rings with a whole different set of characters and creatures) I have a terrible time trying to follow the plot, but part of that is just "me". He also has a blog, but, shhh... he doesn't know I read it!


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