Monday, June 13, 2011

3 dog night

Michael came home from work with news that there were 3 lost dogs on the next block. He had been walking home when a neighbor asked him if he recognized the friendly trio.  Thus began an evening of trying to find where they belong and return them to their owner.
fat dog
This sweet chocolate lab-girl was, without a doubt, the fattest dog I've ever seen.  She could hardly walk.  It was sad.  She was also very thirsty and peed a lot.  I wonder if she has diabetes (or dogabetes, as Michael joked).

fat dog
Her teeth were perfect.  In that regard, she looked young.  Like a young sea lion, maybe.

fat back

skinny friend of fat dog
Her two companions, also female, were smaller and slender.   We learned later that this one has a microchip,  is named Brooklyn and was originally from Los Angeles.

Boxer friend of fat dog
This boxer looked like the leader of the group.  She was a little older, and she was the only one with a collar.  Her tag and micro-chip just pointed back to a boxer rescue.  Sad to think that she was given a second chance through rescue and now she's gotten lost from her family.

We put the three of them in the back yard.  I put out a sign out front that said "DOGS FOUND".  I took Brooklyn around the neighborhood, asking everybody I saw if they recognized her, or might know of a massively obese brown labrador or boxer that could be new to the neighborhood.  They can't have come from too far.  Poor fatty could hardly walk.  Nobody recognized them.

I couldn't let them in the house.  Marley wanted nothing to do with them, the skinny ones looked like they might be wild in the house, and the fat lab was peeing all over herself.  I called Animal Control, and a very nice man came and took them away in his truck.   He said that even if they don't find the owner, these dogs will likely find homes because they are so nice.  I hope the fat lab gets to rescue so somebody can help her.


  1. You are such a good person. I am glad you took those poor dogs in and tried to help them. You did your best. I hope that they help that overweight one too. I think you may be right about the diabetes! Poor thing!

  2. They are all so pretty! Your heart goes out to the overweight one. Reminded me of my ex-husbands grandmas was so fat, it's stomach dragged the ground. That lady would not stop feeding that dog!!! She could not see what it was doing to it. Sad.

  3. You and Michael is so kind even to animals.

    Lisa from video-guitar-lessons-personal-teacher


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