Friday, June 03, 2011

Delightful, curly, trivial

This is the raggedy old door mat in front of the teachers lounge at school.  Over time, the weather and possibly the bottom of the door scraping over it has frayed the rubbery edge of the mat and the loose strands have curled into the most delightful design.  I swear, every time I went in that door, I would look at this and think, "I must take a picture of this graceful little thing."  School will be out soon.  Who knows how long this mat, with its curly strips of rubber will last.   I had my camera today, and I finally took a picture.


  1. How sweet...a rug with antennae! It is bittersweet, the end of the school year! My grandson starts an art camp tomorrow! I am a little jealous! Love this artsy rug!!!

  2. So glad you achieved the photo Cindy,
    A truly artistic way to fray at the edges.
    Rather a nice compliment for the Teachers wandering in out with having stepped on the mat both ways to assist the Mat's Creative Effort.

    Beside that... the design the mat has created with the Elements, Footwork and a Door, reminds me of a Snail in motion.

    Thanks for the fascinating moment.
    Good wishes from Magda(Australia)

  3. You know what...that is pretty cool! What a great idea and you have a good eye for spotting stuff!


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