Sunday, August 21, 2011

6 months...

...since my Boomie died.  Miss you, sweet boy.


  1. Sending love to you, wherever you are, Boomie!

  2. Hello Cindy,
    Don't know why I visited my Blog today, but I did, just a feeling, and saw Boomer's fond wishes in my Reader and came to give mine too.
    The extraordinary thing is the date of Boomer's Remembrance... spiritual connections are beautiful to see... I hope my Felicity and Boomer meet up to say 'hello' now that I've been here.

    My Felicity, on that Sunday had a bad day and night. On Monday the 22nd we talked, and I said to her it is time, she could not keep trying to get through each day with such difficulty walking, and it was dangerous for me to keep trying to carry her down 11 rather steep steps... I came undone emotionally when the Vet fitted us in at 9.45am.

    I'm rather lost in the void where her physical presence moved, but I can feel and see her which does help, especially with her being her once vibrant self again.

    Thank you Boomer for helping me. I think I can again feel like connecting with the Friends I am experiencing are truly present in Blogland when my emotions need support the most.

    Hugs Boomer,
    and thank you Cindy,
    from Magda in Australia, and Felicity in memory.

  3. Oh, Magda, so sorry to hear this. I'll email you privately...

  4. So sorry to read this.
    Hope everything is well nowadays.

    Cassy from Lead Guitar Lessons


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