Tuesday, August 02, 2011

BUN Safari

BUN Safari
Michael found this tiny baby bunny on the sidewalk on the way home from work today. Ants were all over it, and at first he thought it was dead, but he quickly realized it was still alive. He scooped it up and brought it home.

I was out when he came home with it, and when I walked in the door, he had it in a shoe box on the kitchen table. I immediately got on the phone trying to find a local wildlife rehabber we could take it to, but Michael quickly put a stop to that. It's his bunny. He found it, and he wants to try to take care of it.


He went to the pet store and bought replacement formula for kitties. He fed the bunny with an eye-dropper, and it took some formula.

Trying not to butt in. Not to take over. Not to micro-manage.


  1. That is one tiny tiny Bunny Cindy,
    I do wish Michael every success... I think my heart is kinda holding its breath for him and Kitty.

    I admire you immensely for giving them both the chance to try and make a go of it together... and good luck with holding back... perhaps subtle suggestions might benefit both.

    Michael certainly cleaned it well for it to be looking so healthy... the shock to Kitty's little body from the Ants is something I'd prefer not to imagine.
    Wonderful start to healing and, I really hope for Michael, surviving with having accepted a little nutrition after its trauma.

    There's definitely peacefulness showing in Bunny... well done Michael... and I really do wish you and your very lucky Bunny success.

    Good wishes to you Cindy from Magda in Australia

    PS Cindy... Interesting... a beautiful Bee become a meal to a thief at Bug Safari, and here, where Bits and Pieces are gathered, a tiny Bunny is rescued from becoming a meal to an Ant colony.
    Rather special really, especially as it would have been a slow end for Bunny with still being alive while the Ants finished preparing without Michael's brave and loving actions. His commitment now is very emotionally courageous.

  2. Most of what I have been reading online about rearing orphaned wild bunnies is not encouraging. This kind of undertaking is not usually successful for an inexperienced but well-meaning surrogate bunny-parent.

    That's why I didn't post this on Bug Safari. I didn't want 600 followers to see what may be a sad, disappointing end to this story. So I stuck it here, to be viewed by only my most dedicated, die-hard readers.

    Thank you for your good wishes. And steel yourself for the worst. That's what I'm doing.

  3. Awwwwww I hope it turns out ok. Have him still get a hold of the wildlife people at least for there advice. It is so cute and sweet. I wonder why it was there and what happened?

  4. Such a tiny creature. Very delicate. Please do take care.

    Cassy from Play Electric Guitar


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