Sunday, August 07, 2011

Everyday Matters #125: Draw a bird

I am off-again on-again with EDM, mostly off. But my sweet blog-friend, Julie said, "Let's do an EDM challenge, and I said, "OK, you pick the topic." She picked #125, Draw a bird.

It didn't take me long to decide what bird to do.

This is Suzanna when she was just a baby. She is a 2 year old hen now, and she lives, along with her sister Victoria and a menagerie of other birds and critters, in Australia. They are all beloved pets of Magda, who found me on Bug Safari, then came here and has also become my blog-friend!

Magda has deep a spiritual passion for all living things. She recently posted on her blog about her hens, Victoria and Suzanna, including pictures of them as they were growing up. If you go to her post, you will see the photo I used as a model for my picture. Little Suzanna looks so cute gazing up at her mama (Magda). And I guess I'm just a sucker for cute little fuzzy babies. Or babies in general, for that matter.

I think I may have cheated by doing this drawing digitally in ArtRage rather than on paper, but I'm giving myself artistic licence and anyway, this is just for fun.


  1. This is awefully sweet, Cindy!!! Gonna go check out Magda's blog now...
    Thanks for doing the EDM...we should try more and there, eh? It was fun!

  2. Yes, we should. Thanks, Julie :)

  3. That's a cute drawing of yours.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

  4. Cindy, when Laura from ForestWalkArt gives to me I feel my self fill with warmth and a smile, when you give to me I feel my heart ache and my eyes fill with tears of pleasure and appreciation... you are both so very special to me... thank you.

    I thought to my self the little cutey looked familiar in my Reader, came to see and thought gosh that so looks like Suzanna... then I read, and read again... thank you... even writing this am not sure how best to express how deeply I appreciate what you've done and how beautifully recognizable Suzanna is... you are a truly remarkable person Cindy, thank you again...
    And... I'm 60 on the 11th... may I feel this as I'm feeling it...
    A truly very special Birthday Gift?

    Love and hugs from Magda and my wondrous Critter Family in Australia.

  5. I'm so glad you like it, Magda! As much as I will always feel like I am an artist in spirit, my creations are coming fewer and farther apart as I become distracted or too tired, or whatever other excuses I can come up with as time goes by.

    But every now and then I have an inspiration, and by some miracle, I'm able to bring it to life. I was already captivated by that photo of Suzanna even before Julie suggested that we draw birds, so it came easily, the proportions, the fuzziness, the feet(!), and the face. I really wanted the face to be clear, and I wanted her to be smiling. A little cartoony, perhaps, but this is a translation of what I felt when I looked at your original photo.

    Have a Happy Birthday!


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