Wednesday, August 03, 2011

No more bunny

As I had feared, the baby bunny didn't live through the night.  Oh well.  At least he was warm and safe in his final hours.


  1. And that matters hugely. Thank you Cindy... glad I to have been part of the nurturing even from afar.

    If you and Michael don't mind... please give Michael a hug from me.
    I really feel he has been brave and kind to have attempted nurturing Bunny... and truly beautiful to have stopped and cared enough to rescue Bunny... the Ants would surely have harassed him as he freed Bunny's body of them.

    Farewell Bunny, at least your final Journey was peaceful, and you left knowing you mattered deeply to Michael.

    Warm hugs Cindy from Magda in Australia

    How considerate... my validation word is 'consids'
    Nice that Blogger's cyberspace is also saying farewell

  2. what a considerate mom, and son. i am so sad the little bunny was so sick. i am wondering if it had this one bunny disease i read about once...i will be back with the address for you and micheal if i can find it.

  3. was a virus that has only occurred in other parts of the world, but has not been found in the U.S. at all. I sure got an education in bunny health while I was searching. Could have been one of many possible causes! Electrocution, poisoning, maggots, other parasites, or viruses...the little thing was just unable to fight it, whatever it was. Micheal did a good job trying to save it...!!!

  4. Oh sweet bunny.

    I too know the heartache of trying and not being able to reverse a dire situation .... but I also know that trying matters .... and trying makes a difference- as you stated- warm and undisturbed in his final time- and with lovely souls marking his own soul's passage.

    with love to you all, kathy

  5. At least the little sweet thing was warm and safe. I know it must have been hard especially for Michael. Hugs and Kisses!


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