Thursday, September 01, 2011

Song stuck in my head

It's really just the twangy guitar part that's stuck in my brain.  And of course the lyrics that say, "You just make me want to a camel."  Why do I have this stuck in my head?  I have no idea.  I just woke up this morning wanting to hear it, so I found it on YouTube to satisfy my urge, and then proceeded to listen to other music in order to try to wash the Camel Walk from my brain.  Usually, that works for me, and in fact, I found a very nice little song from Ryan Adams that took the Camel Walk away, for a while ...

Ryan Adams - Lucky Now by theaudioperv

But then I had to take Marley to get her nails trimmed, and by the time I got home, The Camel was back, and it's still here.

Little Debbie, little Debbie!

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